Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Sheffield

Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Sheffield

After a few lessons with us at Piano Lessons Sheffield, our students begin to look for further challenges to take their piano playing to the next level. And there is certainly nothing greater than recording your first piece of music as a pianist. But as a beginner, or even as a more experienced pianist, it can be difficult to know which recording studio will be able to cater to your needs, in order to get the most from your piano playing. Our tutors at Piano Lessons Sheffield have done many recording sessions themselves, so know some handy tips and tricks when it comes to choosing the right recording studio. They have put together a list of their favourite studios in Sheffield, so that all you need to worry about is bringing your piano playing to life! 

Bigdog Studios is a fantastic choice for those looking to record their piano playing for the first time, or for those more experienced in recording their music. At £25 per hour or £150 for a full day session, Bigdog Studios is the best value for money in Sheffield. Mixing and Mastering can be built into the recording time, so that by the end of the day you could have a high-quality CD of your piano playing to give to family and friends! The production team at the studio have the knowledge to help you get the most from your piano playing, and are always willing to offer ideas and tips. They have an upright piano available in the studio, as well as a wide selection of premium quality equipment, so that you just need to come along and focus on getting it sounding perfect! Bigdog Studios is located on Burton Road in the south of Sheffield, S3 8BX.

TrackMakers offers something for everyone, be it the chance to record one song for the beginner pianist, or the opportunity to record an EP or album, for those more experienced on the piano. Set in countryside just outside the centre of Sheffield, Trackmakers is a place that not only offers fantastic recording facilities, but also offers you inspiration for your music. With recording rooms that were purpose designed by acoustic architects, you can guarantee that you will come away with fantastic sounding piano playing. The producers have a wealth of experience in recording and mixing, and use that knowledge to help you sound your best. So for a fun and comfortable recording experience under the guidance of true professionals, Trackmakers is the place to come! It is just a short drive from Sheffield city centre, S35 8QD, leaving no excuse not to get your first songs recorded soon! 

Old Pig Farm may be a new addition to the Sheffield recording scene, but that is not to mean that it doesn’t offer the same quality or experience of more established studios. Indeed, with a baby grand piano and Yamaha Recording Custom Kit, Old Pig Farm is an excellent choice for pianists of all abilities. They also have a wide selection of top-of-the-range equipment to help complement the piano, from microphones to guitars (for those looking for a more rounded sound). Surrounded by woods and hills, and just outside Sheffield city centre, it is the perfect location to get creative with your piano playing. Price are based on full- and half day rates (with the former at £250, and the latter at £140), but discounts are offered for multiple days, so those pianists looking for extended recording time may find the Old Pig Farm to be a cheaper option than others. 

Practice Sheffield is a place to both rehearse and record, so is a great place to hone what you have learned with us at Piano Lessons Sheffield before hitting the recording studio. The studio is run by musicians, so you know that you are in safe and knowledgeable hands when you come here. They always make sure you meet with the engineer before your first session, which helps you work together to get the best out of your piano playing, and to get a high quality product at the end of it. The recording studio and practice rooms are purpose-built to enable you to achieve the finest sound. With a daily rate of £100 this is a great option for those looking for their first studio experience. And for the more experienced pianists who do not require an engineer, you can hire the studio for a mere £15 per hour! Rehearsal space can be hired from as little as £9 per hour, and they have a wide selection of instruments to hire to make your experience as seamless as possible. Practice Sheffield is conveniently located in the heart of the city, S3 7AJ.

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