Gig Venues in Sheffield

Gig Venues in Sheffield

Sheffield is a vibrant city with a buzzing music scene, so you would expect to find some amazing gig venues in the city. And Sheffield certainly doesn’t disappoint, so whether you prefer classical piano, or the funky piano sounds of popular music, there will be a venue to suit your taste. Here at Piano Lessons Sheffield, we encourage our students to go to as many concerts as possible, so that they can get inspiration for their own piano playing. Watching professional pianists and keyboard players is proven to be a great way to improve your own piano technique. And with the many venues on offer in Sheffield, there is definitely something for everyone!

The Grapes may appear to be a traditional British pub located in the heart of Sheffield, on Trippet Lane, S1 4EL, but it goes far beyond serving pints. It is well-known as a place to come and enjoy fantastic live music. Indeed The Arctic Monkeys are one of many popular bands that have played at The Grapes in the past. You may also recognise the fantastic architecture of this pub from a photo shoot that The Killers did within its walls. These days The Grapes offers live music six nights a week, and it’s a great place for our students here at Piano Lessons Sheffield to find inspiration for their piano playing. They have moved on from their indie roots, and focus now on a wider range of genres, meaning that you get the opportunity to hear a variety of different piano sounds. So for the music, beer and the atmosphere, The Grapes is a strong contender for any night out in Sheffield!

The Harley is a buzzing venue six nights a week, and is the place to come in Sheffield to discover new artists. The Harley has several resident DJs, making it the perfect place to dance away the night on any day of the week (minus Sundays!). However, this venue is more than just a club: The Harley hosts many gigs throughout the year, drawing on a range of genres. If you’re a budding pianist looking for some rock inspiration, or if you prefer more folky tones, you will find something for you at The Harley. It is a place which is truly dedicated to creating the best atmosphere to complement the music that is at its core, which means you can guarantee you will have a great time. The Harley is located centrally on Glossop Road, S10 2HW, which makes it a great place to go if you’re in Sheffield city centre and looking for some fantastic music.

Sheffield City Hall is perfect for those looking for a more traditional concert experience, with classical piano sounds. With an annual International Concert Season, Sheffield City Hall brings both music and education to the city, with renowned musicians (and pianists) giving talks before the concerts. The Season brings together the finest orchestras from across the globe, and is not to be missed! However, Sheffield City Hall is not just limited to classical music, and since opening in 1932, it has become well established as a musical hub, with Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles bringing more rocky tones to its stage. With a seating capacity of 2271, Sheffield City Hall provides an intimate experience so that you really get to see the techniques of some of the best pianists from around the world. Sheffield City Hall is located in the heart of the city at Barkers Pool, S1 2JA.   

Tramlines (Music Festival) is an annual music festival over a weekend in July, which is based in the heart of Sheffield. It sees four stages erected in the city centre, in addition to over 70 venues throughout the city also taking part in the festival. It brings together both local and national artists, from a range of genres, meaning that the festival caters to all tastes. With over 200 acts to choose from, you would expect to find something to suit everyone, and with that you will also find some talented pianists and keyboardists rocking the stage in support of many of the bands who play at the festival. Since its inception in 2009, Tramlines Festival has developed into a must attend event in Sheffield’s musical calendar. In 2011 the festival won the ‘Best Metropolitan Festival’ in the UK. The festival takes place at various venues across the city, with the main stage located on Devonshire Green, S3 7SW. 

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